Good Things Come in Three's<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4208

Good Things Come in Three's
Amy Havens
Class 4208

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Just what I needed on this grey rainy autumn morning in Stockholm, thank you.
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brilliant class!! love it!!!! Thank you so much!
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Really enjoyed the movement and your energy - thank you! The side lying kick variation was "delicious", I agree.
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I saw this class and thought great! One new class from Amy! And it did not let me down! Love your classes Amy thank you!
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I feel great after your class. Thank you. 
Anne M
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Hi Amy,
Greetings from Australia!
Thank you so much for your wonderful classes. Love your gorgeous smile too :) X
Pilar S
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Great class!! Thaks
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Really nice class!! Good things DO come in 3s -thank you Amy!
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I have followed for for a few years, Amy, and am never disappointed.  I wanted to finally write you a note to tell you how much I appreciate you and your classes.  Thank you so much...and I love the idea of three's!
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Amazing Amy!  This is going in my favorites. I cannot wait until I can see Luna!  Thank you for making this class!  XO
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