Restorative Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4216

Restorative Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4216

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Oooh so yummy and centering. I feel a warmth and flow that my body has been craving. Thank you for this beautiful flow. At the very beginning, while rolling our shoulders, you said, "You may hear little crunchy bits, that's okay... that's your life in there." I chuckled in agreement and then felt so welcomed and accepted for how I was showing up to our session. Here's to more rolling out my crunchy bits this week!
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Really enjoyed and appreciated this class!
Christine S
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Great class Amy! Thank you :)
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It's a joy working with you too, Amy.  Wonderful class, thanks
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Just love what you do Amy. Thank you xx
Cigdem A Cathy S Mimi L Claudia C Cynthia G Kerry H Bonnie C Thank you all so much for your honest feedback and comments!  I'm so happy you've been with me Live during these past few months!
Sharon C Page A Rachel B Isadora B Christine S Terri B Jenny N thank you gals, so happy this class felt so good for your bodies!!  Thank you for taking classes with me now and always!
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This was everything I needed and more. Will definitely be taking some of this to my clients. Thank you Amy!
Thank you Amanda F !  I'm happy to hear it felt good for you and that you found some gems for your students as well.  Let me know how they like things!
Rachel J
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loved this class Amy.  just what i needed to start the day.  as an asthmatic and one with tightness in the spine and shoulders, i simply adore the freedom of movement that i now feel.  your classes bring me joy :)
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