Restorative Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4216

Restorative Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4216

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Rachel J this comment brings me joy, thank you!!  I have a bit of asthma as well and identify with the tightness in the spine and shoulders too.  I love offering this kind of movement class and happy you enjoy it too!
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Fabulous thanks Amy. My first Pilates class in several years and just what I needed. Your instruction to help us get into the right posture was excellent thank you :)
Really needed this class today! The torso rotations were so amazing 😅
Tracey and Kathleen Fitzgerald Henry so happy to hear that you both enjoyed this class!!  Welcome back to your Pilates practice Tracey  and Kathleen Fitzgerald Henry , glad you loved those torso rotations, so healthy for us!!
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Yay for this class!  I really needed all of that rotation.  Loved it:) 
Thank you Kay L !!
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I didn't know my body needed that so much!  Such a pleasure to work the body in a completely different way and I love your natural,  grounded, no nonsense style of teaching Amy!
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Thank you so much Katherine S , glad this felt good for your body!
Hi Amy, I just revisited this class - and had no idea how much I needed it! Thank you for this opportunity to move with intention and compassion! You are a delight!
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