Fabulous, Fun, & Fit FriYAY!
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4219

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Lovely class Kathleen!! So many fresh ideas and modifications with fabulous use of the chair ! Thank you and more please:)
Deborah Wasko, thanks so much! Hope to "see" you live for my final 2 Fridays!ūü§ó
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Original use of the chair. Fun and challenging class with a great teacher, thank you.
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Loved the gyro addition. Hip flexor stretch w/ back extension was lovely. Thank you.
Pamela, thank you! So happy you enjoyed my class and I hope you can join me again. 
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A very creative class. I've liked the prone exercices on the chair. Thank you. I can't wait to view the other classes. I can't attend live but for sure I'll see the recordings.
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Nice class Cathleen.  There are so many things we can use at home, on our patio, at the park and on the beach to stay fluid in our bodies.  Thank you for the reminder.
Lina, so nice of you to take the time to email and let me know. Appreciate it very much and I am happy you can do the recoding(s) and get as much out. 
Terri, heyyyyy Terri!  Thanks for taking the time to email - it's been fun and super fun to hear from people i actually know in person.  Hope you are well where you are and managing with all that has happened this year. "See" you zoom soon!
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What a beautiful energy you have. Fantastic class. 
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