Fabulous, Fun, & Fit FriYAY!
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4219

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MindBody - thank you! I appreciate your compliment and am happy you enjoyed do much.  It feels like I have a "secret admirer" since there's no name and no face with your profile.....but I understand sometimes we prefer to stay anonymous! Thanks again!!
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Enjoyed this class. Good teacher and helpful cues. Please do more!
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Lovely combinations!Thank you! Very creative!
Copycat , thank you  - so glad you enjoyed!
Jane, join me this Friday for the Physioball Challenge! So glad you found some of the curing helpful and useful for you.
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Cathy  - This session was fabulous.  Connection to the low abs priceless.  Thank you.  Love the circular movement.
Margaret, thank you....you will love my spinal juiciness class coming up! Enjoy the creative inspo ❤️
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Great class, Cathie!  Thank you, and so good to see you!
Shelley HI Hi Hi!!  Thank so checking out the class and sending you lots of hugs
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Nice class..I like the integration of the gyrotonic moves.
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