Fabulous, Fun, & Fit FriYAY!
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4219

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Patty, thanks so much!.....The next class up has more.....!
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That's great news!! I look forward to it.
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First of all, may I say how beautiful your chair is! And, a beautiful class to match.
Much appreciated, thank you!
Amy S, thank you!  It's inlaid with mother of pearl and the table (dining) has it also all along the edges...antique! So glad you enjoyed the class! 
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Your classes are so interesting Cathy, and always so varied! Wish we could do them in person! Thank you.
Jane R that would be so great! Come to Rancho la Puerta or join me sometime on my zoom platform.  Check  my website for details!
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For me, today, this was an absolute masterpiece! I was feeling low energy, low mood . I am now on a high rearing to go.
Rina S....oh YAY!! Isn't it great to get energized to enter your day with renewed upbeatness and an improved mood! Thanks for letting me know!
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