Fantastic Foam Roller
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4222

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Alexandra ....haha! Glad you dusted off that prop and put it to some many fun things are accessible....lmk if you'd like access to more FR fun!
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Fun way to mobilize in the morning! Thanks. 
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Beautiful class Catheen. The foam roller felt so good. Thanks for bringing your lovely moves and enthusiasm to Ireland
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Love  the class, love your sense of humor. Big greetings from Czech republic  
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Fabulous class... so many imaginative alternatives! Thank you from an autumnal UK
Diane C, thank you!!
Emer D, thank you Emer!  I hope to visit Ireland in the spring!
Karolína S, so appreciate your comment.  Thank you and the Czech republic is on my list to visit when next in Europe! Fingers crossed!
Jane P, cheers! Enjoy the the beauty of Autumn in the UK!
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Interesting moves 
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