Fantastic Foam Roller
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4222

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This is my third class of yours and it did not disappoint!  Always learn something new, and always challenged.  Hello from toasty Florida!
Susan R, thanks for following me and letting me know as well.  Glad you had fun with it! Cheers!
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Fun class liked the different exercises
Naomi R , glad you enjoyed! Thank you for commenting and my best, Cathleen
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Thank you Cathleen for a fun class with some different moves. The only thing that made it too hard for me was all that wrist pressure. All the best from Sweden in November
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Cali greetings ! Thank you Cathleen , I took this class  for extra credit for my Pilates class. First time using the Foam roller and I'm hooked.
Kristina D, thank you for your comment and I totally understand wrist discomfort! Do what you can, and consider specifically working with your forearm  (wrist) flexibility in both flexion and extension as well as some perhaps some lighter kettlebell maneuvers for wrist strength!  DM if you need more help. 
Bianca W, so awesome you now get why we all love the Foam Roller.  Yahoo! Thanks for commenting.
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I really wanted to like this class, but 30 minutes in I realized my foam roller is too smooth for some of the exercises. The class also has a slow pace which I don’t like. Still, thanks for giving me some new ideas for how to use the foam roller.
Chuhang G, glad you experienced some creative stimulation for your own classes.  Thank you for your perspective and yes, different rollers facilitate different experiences.....I'd love to hear how you incorporate some of what I offered.
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