Wall Work Part 2<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4248

Wall Work Part 2
Amy Havens
Class 4248

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June C
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Many thanks Amy.. really enjoy your instruction and all your knowledge!
Gaia R
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Thank you Amy! Great class, as always! Very different approach through the aid of the wall and definitely useful to gain consciousness of the BOX! Thank you so much!
Thank you Gaia R and June C !  
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For the curious and the choreographer.  Do not skip over this class if you like inventing new moves.  Amy invites you to play with these exercises.  I modified the one-legged "flamingo" on the wall into a strengthening prep for warrior III in my yoga practice by adding a hinge at the hips and a push away with the foot on the wall.  See what you'll find in this class.
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Allison O thank you for leaving this comment and for seeing that many opportunities to continue the ideas with your own teaching lens!  I love your input, thank you!
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Incredible. What an eye-opening experience for my body. Thank you, Amy!
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Amy you are amazing.  I am inspired by your passion and mind body work.  Love this wall work!
Hi Olena R and Kelly N  -- thank you both SO much for these comments!  I'm happy that you liked this series of wall exercises!
Robin P
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This wall work class made me more aware of my plumb line while moving. The postural feedback quite informative and loved the concept of reformer work against the wall. Another powerful class!
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Amy, another challenge! Love this class which shows so well the extension from wall class 1! No escape for my weaknesses in my body….😉at the end I felt stronger, more powerful and aligned! Thank you 🙏 again!!!
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