Pilates in Bed<br>Layla Khashoggi<br>Class 425

Pilates in Bed
Layla Khashoggi
Class 425

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Great way to begin the day!!
Well i cant thank you enough for this one! I wake up alot of mornings with stiff feet and hands, I tried what I could recall of this on my feet before i got up yesterday and it helped so much. Next time I am taking computer to bed with me!! Thanks again!!
What a great concept Layla. Sure helped wake by body up this morning. I will be introducing this idea to clients who struggle to get up going in the morning. Thank you. ps one of my clients likes to do standing Roll Downs in the shower, the warmth up the water helps her back to get moving.... Pilates in the shower!
Jamie: Fantastic! So glad it helped If you have a "smart phone" you might try getting the mobil app version of Pilates Anytime on there. Then you could just play it on your phone... perhaps even using headphones to just listen. A bit more portable than the computer, but either will do the trick. Keep it up whenever you can... it seems to have more benefits as you become more regular with it.
Karen: Really glad you found the concept of value. Shower Pilates....intriguing, to be sure... not sure how to shoot THAT class
Love it! But I did it at night before bedtime- felt great!
I did this one in a hotel last night, after a cardio session in the gym where I was left feeling sort of tight and cranky because I hate hotel gyms :) It was great! Particularly the hip stretches, but all of it was good. This class works really well for a hotel room where there is not a lot of floor space.

One thing was you mentioned some poses that I didn't know - maybe that's for yoga people?
Thanks, Peggy. So glad it was helpful! Tight and cranky is no bueno. As for poses... not many of these are full Pilates exercises, or yoga for that matter... they are deconstructed to provide the essence of what the full exercises would require. Can you remember what I mentioned that you weren't familiar with?
Thanks for the reply! I went back and listened - as you were sitting on the edge of the bed, you said a few times something like "into relevay" and "high into relevay". Looks like it's a ballet term (releve), meaning rising up from the heels. I realize that I have a lot of terms to learn, and this class wasn't marked for beginners, so maybe it's something I should know.
No... you are absolutely correct... it is the ballet term "relevé", pronunced "relevay".. nothing to do with Pilates (Joe might have just said "rise up on your toes" in his German accent) . I realize I threw that term (and gosh knows how many others) in there without explanation. Thanks for helping me to focus more on clarity Sounds like Pilates is a new journey for you... I hope you find strength, peace and joy in it... I know I can't imagine my life void of the inner awareness I have gained from it
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