Pilates in Bed<br>Layla Khashoggi<br>Class 425

Pilates in Bed
Layla Khashoggi
Class 425

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I am usually on a rush and had tried this class but was never able to finish it voir give it my fill mind-body. I am right now in a hotel room on a stressful business trip: I just did the entire session and ... it feels amazing. Not only it was a gentle way to take me out of my sleepy + tight waking-up feel but it allowed each little surface of my body to be awake, ebnergetic, at the right place and in the right posture. Incredible!Of course, then the mind followed and I feel so good than last to this Pilates in bed class! can i ask you why you don't create more classes on Pilates anytime? An evening one maybe? Thank you!
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My 73 year-old joints are the happiest they’ve been in eons. Thank you!
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