Mat Play with a Twist<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4253

Mat Play with a Twist
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4253

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Thank you for your energy and wonderful teaching 🙏👏
Christine S
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Thanks Sarah, another great class :) 
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Sarah thank you!!! Loved this class. Moving from floor to mat and vice versa during the class is a wonderful idea. Loved the stretches and your lovely calm cueing
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Loved this class. Thank you , just what I needed to release my spine!
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Thank you my lower back feels great afterwards. Looking forward to what you have in store! 
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If you love spinal rotation like I do, this is your class. It has more of that than 5-10 other mat classes put together.  My back feels sooo good:)  Ken Gilbert is the only other instructor I know that focuses on the spine to this extent. Classes like this are so important...Thanks Sarah:)  
Mandy S
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What a terrific teacher! Clear instructions and kindness. Love it.

Adrian D thank you for participating and your kind words!! 
thank you Christine S !!

Sharon C so happy to hear you enjoyed the variety in this class.  It is important to "shake" it up from time to time. 
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