Mat Play with a Twist
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4253

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wonderful to hear Niamh O !
Kerry H great to hear!  More class are coming your way:) 
Gary M Thank you so much for your thoughtful response.  I LOVE spinal rotation and generally exploring though movement. It is lovely to hear that you enjoyed this class.  Looking forward to "seeing" again  soon.
Thank you so very much Mandy S ! 
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I feel amazing and super chilled, great session thankyou.
wonderful o hear Elaine D !  Have a great day:) 
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Sarah, this felt wonderful. I love love loved the rotation work. Especially in back extension. Thank you! 
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Twisting my spine felt fantastic. It’s just what my body needs. 
Thank you Lacey M!  Glad to hear the class worked for you.  I too love to explore with rotation. 
Fiona O this is wonderful news!!
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