Hug Your Midline<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4256

Hug Your Midline
Kira Lamb
Class 4256

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Adi S
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Graet class!
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Masterpiece class!!! Thanks Kira!

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I can't get enough of your classes! Hope you do many many more for PA. 

I love your cues. Thanks
Thank you, Kira! While the moves are certainly not new to me, your cues have helped me to find a new sense of ease and grace while executing them. I really appreciate you helping us to find deeper connections for healthier, happier flows! 
WOW!  Your cues have changed the way I feel doing these movements and will certainly change the way I teach them.  Thank you for this incredible class :)
this was an amazing class. love!! the cues
Dieter N
Trank you ,this was an wonderfull class!
Your cueing is remarkable Kira. It has made me appreciate and improve all of the exercises. I have taken each of your classes and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Hoping at some point you might add weights or some props. Cheers!
The cues!!!!!! wow!!! thankyou!! Excellent class!!!
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