No-Frills Reformer<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4258

No-Frills Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 4258

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Hello Kristi, I am so happy to see you in the studio, I am happy to see vawes behind you. In our country are studios closed again...
Never mind, I have a reformer at home and I have Anytime. Nice word, "Anytime".  Stay negative, Kristi!
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Nice class, thank you.
Catherine R
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Loved this - thank you Kristi - from sunny England.
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Love seeing more reformer
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Thanks for a joy filled class, Kristi!  Even with the plethora of reformer classes on the site, it was wonderful to have a new one!
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yayayayayay.....PA studio is back!   Thank you thank you!
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Great class! Nice to see you back in the studio! 
Karen P
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Thank you for a wonderful new class!!
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What a gift! This was on the home page when I opened and it was just what I needed today, thank you so much!
Robin S
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perfect as always . Thank you
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