No-Frills Reformer<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4258

No-Frills Reformer
Kristi Cooper
Class 4258

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Eileen M
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Woo HOO!  Welcome home.  Thank you for your uplifting energy!
It was so lovely to work out with you Kristi! Loved the back extension at the end xxx
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Yay!!! Reformer is back. xoxoxoxoxoxo Loved this basic, foundational Pilates; felt amazing. Thanks, Kristi.
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Loved this class! Made me so happy.
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Thank you! Moving on so many levels. Not only was it great to move with you, but I was moved to have you back!  Amazing as always XX
Rebecca P
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Great to see you back in the PA studio and have a great reformer workout- just what I needed! 
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So good to see you back in the studio. Loved your first work out back😊
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Hi Kristi! It's so great to see you again on P.A.! I'm glad you are doing well, and happy to receive this beautiful reformer session. It felt great from beginning to end. Especially enjoyed the upperback stretch/extension at the very end. So needed these days. Much gratitude for you and all the work you do. Cheers! Rena
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Needed this SO much today.  Some sort of normalcy in my day.  Thank you Kristi and all of you at PA.  Always a bright spot in my day.
Sharon V
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Very inspiring Kristi! Loved the mermaid variations!! : )
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