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So excited for more Courtney Miller! Pistol squat a distant goal but so cool!
Courtney always has the best classes. Thank you courtney. Been waiting for a long time 😁
Absolutely loved it as usual! Thank you Courtney!!
What a great challenge! Fab class xx
What a great class! I was nervous I would not be able to keep up because I am not in my strongest lately... But i loved all of it, especially Elephant variation! Worked up some sweat too :) SO GLAD I GAVE IT A TRY! Thank you! Looking forward to more classes soon. 
Amazing class. So creative and challenging. Thank you!
This was amazing. I feel like it was a Courtney Miller greatest hits class. I remember when you introduced the reverse lunges a few years ago and they were so hard - but now I don’t need anything to balance....I’ll be doing this class over and over again. Definitely felt the HEAT!
Awesome class! Can't wait to try it. 
Thank you for this amazing workout!  Exactly what I needed.  So glad to see you back!  
Love this! Thanks so much @Courtney Miller  I have been looking forward to your classes, can't wait for the next few classes :D
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