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Courtney Miller
Class 4264

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Petra C
This was AMAZING 👏👏💗another great one Courtney 🙏🙏
Loved it! @Courtney, you are an absolute genius! Thank you for such a creative class and for the inspiration to think a little creatively myself - I didn't have space around my reformer to extend my leg backwards, so I had to use my own creatively and adapt to find a 'leg to side' version. Definitely in a league of your own! 
Which is indeed Empowering, I meant to add.
LOVE. I am sweaty and feel empowered. To those who didn’t have space - I am in the same boat. I have to move my reformer around quite a bit but it’s OH so worth it. Also, Courtney’s workouts ALWAYS get better every time I do them because I know what’s coming etc - I will be doing this all year.
Loved this! And yes, I had to make some modifications with my allegro but I didn't care at all! Courtney got me into a creative space with the workout and I was able to adjust on the fly - no need to skip any exercises - I just needed to channel the creative flow of the workout and roll with it.  THANK YOU! 
Courtney, I loved the challenge and variation. I did the class two days in a row and the second time was much better because I knew what changes around my reformer I had to make! Can’t wait for the next class! Thank you! You rock!
As always I love your creativity!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your workouts with us!!
Thank you so much Courtney!!! I needed that - body and brain!
Love how you think outside of the box. Thanks for sharing with the  your passion and creativity. 
LIsa G
I think it’s awesome! Very creative and inspiring! Thank you Courtney! ❤️
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