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Courtney - I think this was a great class.  I too enjoy your creative use of the equipment.  About 20 years ago I attended a step aerobics class with my mom.  She got so mad at the instructor because she could not get the steps.  I learned a lot in that moment.  The instructor was doing a great job.  She and I obviously had differing opinions.  Point being and as you know, you can't please everyone all the time.  Keep doing what you are doing because I think it is fabulous.  My thought is always the clients who are meant to find me will find me.  Looking forward to your next class.
P.S. I couldn't figure that sidebend out for the life of me...lol  but I didn't let it keep me from enjoying the class.
Fantastic class. Is it possible to have the class notes? Thank you 
Really love the creativity and innovation of the HEART classes. I've been challenged in H and E and looking forward to A, R and T. Courtney, can you share what type of theraband you're using in this class? It seems very robust and secure. Might make for a great Christmas idea. For the record, I am on a Stott which just requires patience and ingenuity to make it work... but it can be done with great results. 
Always creative, always challenging, always fun! 
LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Please keep this type of workout coming. Love the energy and speed.  Creative movements.  Thank you!! 
Another awesome class by Courtney!  Looking forward to other classes in the series!
Wow, wow , wow. Love , love , love this class. Thank you so much Courtney. 
Carine M ~ We are going to be adding notes to this class very soon. Keep an eye out for them!
What a great workout! Thanks so much for your fresh ideas!
Wooow incredibile empowering class !! I love your creativity !! Hope some day take a face to face class with you.
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