Courtney Miller
Class 4266

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Loved this back to basics with more class. Thank you for helping me through the teaser.
Added to my favorite classes. Just hard enough to be hard but with options for an easier mix.
I always love your classes Courtney. Always inspiring, enjoyable and creative. I also love the energy you bring!
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You are my new favorite teacher here. I did one of your classes yesterday. I listen don't watch so I really appreciate good cues, it was easy to follow you and I love the classical amped flare! thank you. 
I'm not able to get the teaser like you but I tried! Maybe if I keep going I'll get there one day. 
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Amazing class! Feel so rejuvenated. Just what I needed to re-align my spine. Thank you, Courtney! Hope you have more classes like this which are more basic and knee-friendly. 
Love the Align class! Definitely my favorite; not even close. Thank you so much for doing this for us. 
I like the build-up to tendon stretch with the standing stuff first
Really good! Proof one can get into the "zone" without pounding the joints.
Great pace and instruction.....flowed so nicely 
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