Align<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4266

Courtney Miller
Class 4266

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Great class!! Challenging but so fun as well!  Your cues and directions make it so doable!  Thank you!
Debbie Y
Thanks Courtney!! Love this back to basics, yet spicing things a little with those advances moves like the teaser combo! Thank you for modifying and breaking the teaser into 3 parts :)
This series has been amazing!!!
Donna H
You always deliver good positive energy. Walk away from your classes feeling happy.
This class is my favourite so far, loved it!  Thank you!!!
Outstanding. No nonsense approach to athletic pilates. I appreciate this class from a fellow STOTT trained instructor. Thanks for helping me help myself. You keep me honest, Courtney!
What a fantastic class! I couldn't quite get the tendon stretch one but I will work up to it. Thanks Courtney!
Awesome class! As always!!! 
Such an artistic mix on the basics.  A perfect Sunday morning class.  I will be back until that teaser feels smooth.  : )
Jennifer K
I love this class! I have done it twice already and am definitely adding it to my regular rotation!
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