Cats, Spiders, and Spirits<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4285

Cats, Spiders, and Spirits
Amy Havens
Class 4285

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Oh happy day! I've been waiting for this class to be added to the site! Thank you, Amy (& PilatesAnytime) for keeping us moving this year. I really enjoyed the spider leg straddle stretches and the delicious neck stretch at the end - such a fun class! Love from Portland, OR
Ali M
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I just loved this class - so much fun and my body feels amazing for it.  Thank you so much Amy! Ali from the UK x
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Another wonderful class, thank you so very very much Amy!!That was so much fun & a great reminder to be playful with Pilates. I completely agree with the comment from Jordan R, that neck stretch at the end was indeed delicious! Go raibh maith agat from Ireland.
Its Halloween! At Christmas!!?
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What a great class! Lots of good exercises. Lots of good stretches. I wore 5lb leg weights which works for me. Personally, I would much rather have some Halloween in my December, than decorating for Christmas in September.  Thanks again Amy:) 
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you're one of my favorites 
I love your classes Amy!
Laurie C
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Well I did not have a chance to do this class at Halloween but what an amazing class to do during the Christmas season. Been doing a lot of decor and putting up the tree so this class was amazing. This is definitely one of my favorites! Thank you so much Amy for bringing your amazing talent to all of us at PA!! 👏🏻🕷💕
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I love this class and all your classes. You are an amazing instructor. Thank you for keeping us motivated and challenged. Happy Halloween in December!
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