Cats, Spiders, and Spirits<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4285

Cats, Spiders, and Spirits
Amy Havens
Class 4285

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Hi Amy that was such a great class, thank you so much!  A repeat for sure!
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Amy -  this class is great!  Thank you
Jordan R Ali M Etaine Genevieve Malcolm Gary M Zee F  thanks everyone for taking this class from me again. Yes I taught this LIVE back in October, but as it's now permanently  on the site, you can enjoy it whenever you'd like!  Glad it felt good for you!!

Zee F Sylvana M Claudia Zannoni Laurie C NoritaZ Denee D Alexandra D Thank you all so much for taking class with me, LIVE ..and playback.  Makes me so happy that you enjoy my classes!
Great class, Amy! Thank you :)
Lyn G
Brilliant class .Fun and thorough.. great work out...Thankyou
Cynthia G
As usual a seriously fun class.  One day.... one day I'll get the teaser. Thanks Amy
Lina S
I find visualization (whatever the theme) helps to better connect with the body and it's fun! Thank you Amy!
thank you amy, so much, for all your classes this year
Great thoracic spine expression in this class with work on the elbows, arms wide for bridging, and thigh stretch with a side reach combo.  If that hard to reach spot between the blades has been aching for attention, give it some with this class.
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