Meri Christmas Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 4304

Meri Christmas Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 4304

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Big holiday hugs to you, Meredith! Thanks for the present! Love from Hong Kong x
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Thank you Meri!!!All the best❤️❤️
Thanks so much Meri, the class was a great Boxing Day gift to myself - my husband and son definitely benefit from my movement time too!  Hope you're having a lovely Christmas 
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I am grateful that there are still certainties in these crazy times, you doing the Christmas class! Thank you for this gift and I wish you happy holidays and a much better 2021!! 🙏🙏
Michele F
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Thought I’d share my daughter’s comment on this class; “She sounds like she makes hard things really fun”. Thanks for the class! Merry Christmas from Montana!
Ted Johnson
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Did this the day after Christmas with two cans of refried beans! Thank you and Merry Christmas! So nice to see the studio.
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Merry Christmas Meredith! Thank you so much for this class. I have been taking your classes since 2012 on PA and the build of intensity, the structure and the flow are always a winner for me. Thank you for your excellent teaching.
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That was simply wonderful! A big thank you from Stockholm!
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Merry Christmas!!!! Desde Spain!! Te echábamos mucho de menos. Espero que  todos volvamos a la normalidad muy pronto. Tenemos esa Esperanza con las vacunas. Mis mejores deseos para todos!!! Un abrazo!!! 
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Great class as always.... Happy Christmas to you and the team at Pilates anytime 😘
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