Re-Establish the Powerhouse<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 4336

Re-Establish the Powerhouse
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 4336

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Kathryn your husband is brave 😂 Perhaps my husband will follow suit if I show him this session !

Thank you for demonstrating and sharing your  excellent 
teaching skills !

(Edited by Moderator - Kristi Cooper on February 3, 2021)
Deborah Wasko don't wait to get your husband started until you see the transformation that comes by session 30! Trust me, it is really wonderful.  Stay tuned for an interview I did with them discussing the experience (February 14)! Thank you Kathryn Ross-Nash and Wayne Nash for sharing this wonderful progression of proof with us! 
Deborah let’s double date on the 14th and watch Kristi’s interview together! Maybe Waynes words will help!
Kathryn you got it !  Kristi I can only imagine ! This is exciting !

Deborah Wasko I have am as motivated as you might be to get my love to finally get what we know about Pilates and commit like Wayne did! I am certain Wayne's words will be influential.  Can I be a third wheel on your Valentine's day date? It's only 30 mins max. :)  
Kristi and Deborah! A triple date sounds great!
😂 yes Kristi !!!  It’s in  my calendar !! 
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What a treat to observe Kathryn’s magic teaching skills. So grateful for this series and excited to watch the progression. Mr Nash is a good student.
Awesome work! I wish I was him for the pushing and pulling! Feels good just to watch it! Thank you for sharing with us!
LOL I need to teach him to push and pull me!

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