Add A Little Heat<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4346

Add A Little Heat
Maria Leone
Class 4346

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So I'm one of those deliberate movers on a mat and Maria is a power mover.  But I appreciated the variety of movement in this class.  If you're a deliberate mover, too, still try this class and just rejoin Maria when you finish the last thing you kept up with.  For those of you who ask for sweat and heat classes, this is definitely for you.
That was a fun %)
This was so much fun! Lots of variety. I really enjoyed the parts with tae kwon do, which I have never done. I accidentally punched myself in the chin once! HA! That's how into it I was.
Love, Love love your class. Very powerful, challenging and energetic !
Thank you so much
Thanks! I really enjoyed this mix of Pilates, cardio, yoga and tae kwon do. Definitely got my heart rate up.  Also, LOL @Susannah R for punching yourself in the face. You were in the zone!
Lina S
Great fusion class. I love it! I like the idea of repeating a move and adding on each time. Great cues!
Gayle S
Loved this class! I took Tai Kwan Do 45 years ago (I’m 64) and remembered these moves!! Fantastic 
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