Marathon Mat<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 435

Marathon Mat
Rael Isacowitz
Class 435

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Phenomenal instructor!! Please bring him back. Best ever. Truly brings joy in movement. I found myself smiling throughout class in ways I never did when doing pilates. :)
Fantastic class!
Thank you very much Kristi for this wonderful experience.It is a true one pity that BASI us are not in Italy,Rael is a fantastic teacher and you are a beautiful family!!
Dudovich tzipi
A pilates celebration!!! Rael inspires me with his approach .
I met him 2 yers ago in body mind spirit conferance. in hebrew:?????? ???? ????
thank you so much
tzipi dudovich from israel
What a privilege to take this class! Thank you Rael. I am inspired and energized and so very grateful. Thank you Pilates Anytime for making this possible.
Dear Kristen and others, truly the privilege is mine. I felt I was among family. There were 4 generations of BASI teachers in that class...simply awesome! Thank you many times over.
Thank You Pilates Anytime! Loved Rael's class and his masterful transitions. Such a treat to see him teach.
WOW! :)
I'm thrilled though not surprised to see the response to Rael's beautiful, inspired work. You can probably see why I have followed him around for the last 12 years!
Hilary R
thank you rael and kristi! such a reminder of why i truly love to practice and share pilates with others.
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