Versatility and Innovation<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4350

Versatility and Innovation
Maria Leone
Class 4350

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Thank you Maria, I loved this class! The visualisation at the end was the cherry on top. ❤️
Love, love, loved this class.  With a simple chair & a masterful mix of Barre, Martial Arts & Pilates you've created such a satisfying session. Wonderful exercise selection.  Kudos!
Thank you Maria for this whole week! It was definitely inspiring! The chair class was my favourite, with my dance background it suited my body very well! 😉
Thank you for showing up each day.  The chair workout flowed out of me the easiest because I have been working with it every day.  I think it is everyone’s favorite of the 5 I designed.  So nice NOT to lay down!
Very enjoyable ... 🙏🏻🇩🇰
Excellent  class Maria! Nice variation from the mat.  
Cass C
Really enjoyed this today thank you so much. Lots of fun x
María Fernanda Brenes Meseguer
Amazing class!! Thanks Maria, love the combination of Pilates & Martial Arts!
Tess S
thank you Maria.. what a breath of fresh air. fusing yoga, martial arts, meditation and Pilates. the light visualisation was the best i have heard in the mindfulness/meditation space. thank you thank you 
Clara M
Really enjoyed this session, thank you. And I've saved it to a playlist for later, if we ever get to go skiing again I think this would be good preparation, lots of balance and legwork! 
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