Rise and Shine<br>Viktor Uygan<br>Class 4361

Rise and Shine
Viktor Uygan
Class 4361

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I have studied Graham Technique,Pilates,and Gyrotonic Systems. i love this class as well as the teaching style of this  instructor......wonderful program!
Lisa C
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Another great class loving the layers and combos Viktor!
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troppo bello!!!!!!! thanks so much
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Slower paced class with lots of interesting stretches. Thanks Viktor:) 
Wonderful class as always ^_^
Laura Maria
Really enjoy the progressive layers from one class to the next, thanks
Thanks so much,great class
Hi Viktor, thanks so much for this series - really enjoying it, and love your creativity. I found the swan with arm lift (38 mins in) a real challenge (i.e I couldn't do it)!!! Can you give any tips, including where the 'weight' should be as I was conscious of going into my lumbar spine....many thanks:)
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Thank you Victor, it was the second time I was doing this class! Beautiful combinations, uplifting and lengthening my body and soul! A big smile to you!
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I am really enjoying these classes!. Thank you Viktor 
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