Initiation<br>Danica Kalemdaroglu<br>Class 4373

Danica Kalemdaroglu
Class 4373

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I loved this class so much. I worked and laughed hard throughout! My kind of workout! Thanks Danica! 
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Loved this class just as much as the first one, for the same reasons (cueing, teaching style, energy and more). Thanks Danica :))
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THIS IS AWESOME!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!The focus you bring to each class is pretty interesting!!!  love your cues....your great spirit.....your energy.....and you're HILARIOUS!! THANK YOU!!!! 
Yvonne Pelling
Fabulous class, your cues really resonated, thank you

Megan B
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New Fav Pilates teacher! Love love love!! 
Venus L
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Danica i so loved your initiation lesson.  You are so thorough in your instructions I hear you.  I love your vulnerability and transparency e.g. in admitting it was so hard to do the movement and talk at the same time and still wanting to look cool.  You're so awesome Danice xxx
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I love your style, Danica!!!!
Rebecca T
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What fun to spend an hour with you! Great class for anyone feeling a bit touchy and sensitive!
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Another super class. I applaud you on your balance Work at the end .....soooo challenging to talk as well👏🏼😀
Teresa D
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Awesome sequence & cueing
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