Initiation<br>Danica Kalemdaroglu<br>Class 4373

Danica Kalemdaroglu
Class 4373

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Laura Maria
Great class! Felt a big difference with the initiation cues, esp. with the side bend-mermaid and with the thoracic twists...thanks!
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Thank you! I really enjoyed to be reminded what initiates what...I could translate this today wonderfully into my ballet class and reminded my dancers, what initiates the movement...that was interesting to watch..😉 and great fun! Looking forward to your next class!
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Loved the class! Thank you❤️ You have a beautiful view out you window
Thanks Danica! Great class!
Lauramaria S Thanks for tuning in!
Jutta Exactly! It is my dance background that makes this concept so strong in my practice.
Paula T It is our little piece of zen!
Maria P
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Excellent series Danica. Although I did not do it in the correct order I see the logic. You are real PRO- thank you!
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Great class, thank you
Cathy S
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Loved this class!
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