Calming Nerves
James Crader
Class 4423

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Laura L I really appreciate that! Thank you for taking the time to send this note. 

Lina S Thank you! Make sure you check drop in to the remaining classes ... there's more of this work to come. Also, sign up to receive my emails - I offer courses and work around this frequently. 
Margo W Awesome!!! Thank you!
Lauramaria S YES! enjoying some play time ... what could be better or more needed right now!?!?
Jennifer E Thank you! Looking forward to presenting more work for you to enjoy. 

Etaine That's truly appreciated. Thank you!
Filippo F Glad you enjoyed it!!
Wendy K Thank you! YES ... the space to drop into natural awareness and just BE with your Self!
Thank you, James! This is goooooood!
I really think this is the future of movement!
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Liberating, I love how you define “exercises” as a task with rules. Thank you for a fresh perspective James!
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