Expanding Boundaries<br>Misty Lynne Cauthen<br>Class 4424

Expanding Boundaries
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4424

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A delightfully fortified deliberate pace class.  Misty Lynne does not rush you but she doesn't let you hang out in a hammock either. For those who like to take their time finding some bit of muscle action even in transitions.  And tag this class for the pet lovers!  Don't want to spoil the guest appearance.
Eimear G
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Like the calm deliberate cueing; I end up working nice and hard! Thank you Misty.
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Some lovely nuances in this workout - really enjoyed it x
Edi Banales
Thank you for this class Misty!
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Thank you for this great class!
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This was the first time Misty I took a class of yours.  I have been teaching Pilates for many years and you are like a fresh breath of air.  I love the deliberation for each movement.  Refining each to its peak performance.  Love the interjections of fun comments along the way such as "no one needs to die here, its just Pilates".  Thank you for bringing such a strong basic class to me and others.
Evita D
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Great class and good rhythm for a beginner! Thanks a lot!
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Loved this class, thank you so much!
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Hi what is the diameter of your Franklin ball please?
Alyce S
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I am 75 and doing Pilates for about 3 years.  Stronger than most but...Having problems climbing up my leg.  Do I stay on this lesson till I can or pro ever to next lesson?
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