Booty Barre™ Basics<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 443

Booty Barre™ Basics
Tracey Mallett
Class 443

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Well played...thank you. Looking forward to your next Booty Barre - love to see some "advanced" level stuff. Thanks!
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Great fundamentals. Bring on the next level, Tracey!
Ted Johnson
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Jennifer and Amy,

Tracey will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe her other Booty Barre class, already on the site, is a bit more advanced. Check it out here
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Awesome class! Love the mix of ballet & Pilates!
Hope to see lots more!!!!
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I guess I'm really out of shape cause my legs were shakin'! Thanks Tracey! I've got to try the one Ted mentioned! I've never done a Booty Barre and I come from dance way back when. This will be good for my old dancer body!
The first booty bar Tracy did here was a little too hard for me. This one is perfect. I did it yesterday and I'm sore today!
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I love this class...I'm soon to be 75 & while it was challenging I was able to keep up...I also taught your jump board class twice & my clients liked it...very clever jumping on your side...Thanks for your creativity
Really great Class Tracey!!!! The pace and energy are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!
great class/ loved it good to go back to basics
I posted that comment for Nancy F. Who had left a repy on the message board.. lol.. Tracy , you are awesome and I love , love , love Booty Barre!! Have your DVD's. Thanks for doing a Basic class for those of us who havent been doing it too long. Great fun!
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