Booty Barre™ Basics<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 443

Booty Barre™ Basics
Tracey Mallett
Class 443

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it was so much harder the second time. Fun class!
Fantastic! Can't wait for more!!
LOVED this class! Nice addition to a traditional pilates workout that I can switch to when needing a bit of a change. It also helped me to see that my pilates workouts have made me stronger to handle the repetitions that Tracey does!!!
Thank you guys!! I wanted to introduce an easier version for everyone to do. As you get stronger you start to forget how challenging it really is, so thank you so much for your comments...!!
Holy Moly!! This is such a workout, and yet so much fun! Love it!! Can't wait to try more of these!
Interested in certification information for this barre method. Thank you!
Awesome class!! Thank you Tracey!
I really enjoyed this class,the instructor was excellent and it was fun to do!
Ballet background, been doing Pilates 10 years, teaching for 5. Just getting into "barre" classes and have watched DVDs from most major instructors and taken some local classes. Tracey Mallett's are by far the best! She really gets the dance into the movements, which takes it beyond exercise.
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