Expansive Chair Flow<br>James D'Silva<br>Class 4456

Expansive Chair Flow
James D'Silva
Class 4456

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Love the passion, and the fluidity , and the progressions of the movements. I definitely got some gems to incorporate in my practice as pelvic physical therapist. Thank you.
Thank you for helping me start my day with peace and fluidity. I love what you shared at the end of the session about your process in creating this chair flow. Thank you!
Very nice for trained movers. Pilates teachers! The public without  a  wearable resistance will never  feel  or be able to execute these moves.
Wow!  That was spectacular.
That was so amazing and life changing! You are truly an inspirational spirit James. I hope to do this class half as well as you and one day be fortunate enough to work with you in person ..with gratitude and admiration! Lissa
Thank you thank you thank you! :)  I loved the class! 
love it!
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