Expansive Chair Flow<br>James D'Silva<br>Class 4456

Expansive Chair Flow
James D'Silva
Class 4456

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful movement James. I am so excited to have found your classes. This is everything I believe in about movement  and more than I thought I could ever find. You have a gift. I am a Pilates teacher and totally inspired. 
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Thank you very much for this class. It was SUPERB!!!
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Amazing. Loved it. The energy did flow. Thank you very much :)
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Very Gyro-y! Love it. Thanks!
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I didn't have a stool, so I used a folding chair. That worked for me. Class is very different from most classes at PA. So I had to pay close attention, and that made the time fly. There is lots and lots of spinal extension, flexion,  and rotation, which made me happy. It's not that hard from a workout standpoint, so I am not sure why PA labeled it a level 2/3 class. But it was a great class. I feel much better and I had a good time taking it. Thanks James:) 
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It made  complete sense. Thank you James 
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Today I woke up feeling I needed something very different from the standard pilates...vwa la! Thankfully,  another ringing out of every organ, muscle and ligament by James.  It was a wonderful workout, stretch & coordination challenge. James has a gifted talent for expanding all spaces throughout the body. This is medicine for mind, body and soul. Namaste, James :)
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This was amazing! I LOVED this class -- it was so much fun yet challenging!!! I offer chair yoga, and am so excited to keep playing with these archetypal movements and incorporate some of your ideas into my movement teaching.  Thank you so much, James Garuda + Pilates Anytime
Makes me cringe how it’s so Gyrotonic. Sad.
Rina S
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I had a very difficult time following this class.
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