Spine To Organ Connection<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 4464

Spine To Organ Connection
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 4464

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I almost didn't take this class because I thought it would be toooo slow and easy. But it wasn't too slow and it wasn't too easy.  Plus doing an exercise slowly can make it a bit harder & some were:)  I also added 5 lb leg weights which worked for me. I thought Amy did a GREAT JOB with her instructions and guidance.  I loved how she tied in how Pilates can heal our spine, nerves, and organs. I thought Sue did a great job demonstrating each exercise. Thank You Amy & Sue! 
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I want to come live in your studio for a month!!! I love the deep work you and Rachel bring to Pilates. It has changed my personal practice and how I teach. With Gratitude on VT
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wonderful work Amy and Suel. Amy I always learn a lot when you teach. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 
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I really LOVED this class and the interoceptive qualities of finding the organs in the movements x fantastic thank you!
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What a wonderful execution from Sue! Thank you both!
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Thank You Amy, I always love your classes so much as get so many AHA moments, pulling t - shirt off back, prayer foot with toes angled up assisted me so much.
Wonderful classes Amy. WHY wear a mask exercising ? 
Theresa W ~ When this class was filmed, mask protocols and social distancing protocols were still in place. We were following the guidelines provided by the CDC. It's great to hear that you enjoyed the class!
Jennifer V
Lovely class, Amy and Sue!  Sue, it was nice to get to watch you for a change.  Usually, you are watching me.  - Jen V.
Nicole L
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Flex v stretch is such a great concept to wrap your brain (or spine) around. As always, the richness you bring to the work is inspirational. Thank you, Amy!
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