Post Surgery Phase 1<br>Brent Anderson<br>Tutorial 4469

Post Surgery Phase 1
Brent Anderson
Tutorial 4469

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Caroline L
I wonder when the other phases will be available ?
Caroline L ~ They will keep coming out for the next few weeks. We hope that you find them useful!
Love this information from a very reliable source!
Really useful as ever Brent thanks. I love working with clients post hip surgery and hope to become the 'expert' go to....(along with addressing anxiety and psychosomatic issues also) !! Sarah
Thank you. I am going into surgery on May 20. This was so helpful as I am a Pilates Teacher nervous if I will get back to being strong again. 
Always a lot to learn from him
I am ten days post op - posterior approach. Can I apply the same exercises here as well?
Hi Siri,
I hope all went well with your procedure.  I would ask the physician if he/she have any specific restrictions of movement and for how long.  Posterior approaches often have restrictions in flexion, adduction and internal rotation at least for the first 6 months to prevent dislocation.  the thing now is the surgery and hardware is getting so good that the risk of subluxation is greatly reduced for the posterior approaches.  Follow your physicians protocols and expand into the movement provided it doesn't go directly against the precautions or contraindications.  Good luck.

Gurvinder B
Always appreciate you teaching . Great learning here😍
Kate B
Thank you so much for this . My Mum has just had THR and this is invaluable. x
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