Foam Roller of Instability<br>Alexandra Bohlinger<br>Class 4478

Foam Roller of Instability
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4478

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Love all of the creative variations, thanks!

Hi Rachel, Thank you yay I’m delighted you enjoyed! 
Cheryl Z
I really enjoyed the whole class but especially breakdown of grasshopper. Teaser series was the work out I was looking for as was pulling feet in with one leg out. I have your other classes in my cue. Thank you
Beautifully and creatively planned and presented! Thank you!
Hi Alexandra Bohlinger have been meaning to try one of your classes for a while and had some time this evening as a client cancelled and loved it, what a great way to use the foam roller and very challenging will be doing this again and try some of your other classes. I might even try and come to you as see you are in south east london too 
Thank you 😊
Wow wonderfully challenging and stretchy!
Wow!!  Feeling so inspired.  What a great much creativity, focus and fun!!
Amy P
Loved it, thank you Alexandra!
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