Squeeze It Out<br>Alexandra Bohlinger<br>Class 4485

Squeeze It Out
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4485

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I admit to loving a class that plays to the strengths of the male physique  - that doesn't happen so often in Pilates. Usually we're playing catchup and it's nice to get a little ego boost now and then   I'm really enjoying the creativity of this whole series and look forward to the final one - sure to be crazy (in a good way) !
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I think that when Alexandra is not teaching Pilates she is either a gymnast, an acrobat, or both. Fun Fun Fun.. If you like  some challenge, this class is for you! I used 2 sturdy folding chairs. My torso is too big to lay sideways on one chair, so for exercises like the 100 I but the 2 together and put a towel over them.. that worked well. I got a good workout, feel great, & am looking forward to her next class. Thanks Again Alexandra:) 
Jennifer E
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Loved this class! Fun, unique, challenging! Thank you so much!
Laurie C
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Amazing!!! Wonderful class. If you are looking for a class with challenge and a whole lot of fun this is the one! Will be doing this a few times over. Been working on mastering a handstand for the last year. I think this class may getting me doing one soon! Thank you, Alexandra. You make everything look so effortless!!❤️❤️
Hi Brian B as you can tell by the intensity of the class I completely agree with you! Yes for ego strength! 😆🙌💪 with a salt of humility which Pilates makes sure of that 😂! Thank you so much for you valuable comment I love hearing how you feel about each class. Yes last class will be full of fun! 🙏 
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You are a superwomen!
Maike S Oh thanks you are so kind, I guess I did feel a little bit  like one with the red outfit haha. 
Hi Gary M, haha thanks for the huge complement! When I'm not doing Pilates I do feel like an acrobat: juggling 3 kids, 2 dogs, patients, clients, videos, and my personal practice (which is so important for us all), not a dull moment ha! Brilliant idea for someone with a long torso, thank you for the great tip! 
Jennifer E Oh yay thank you! I'm SO glad you enjoyed! 
Hi Laurie C thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I'm delighted to know that you thad fun while pushing yourself and yes  keep up the good work with your handstance. On the last class we will do a whole lot more. xoxo
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