Streamlined Mat<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 4494

Streamlined Mat
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 4494

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Anna H
I am so impressed with how many exercises were fit in this 30 minute video! I enjoyed seeing how you transitioned between each exercise to make the workout as seamless as possible. 
Elisabeth L
Great class—would love to see more mat videos from Diane and Laura!
Katie W
I loved the flow of class! The reminder that Single Leg Kick involves stretching the thigh and tightening the hamstring was a helpful cue to correctly engage during the kick rather than letting momentum do most of the work. 
Ashley O
I love the incorporation of rowing on the mat. I find it really gets me to focus on every little detail of the movement without even having the weight of the springs on the reformer
Moorea P
this class was great and I got very warm very fast! Some detailed cues I found helpful: on swan prep I liked the cue of pushing something through the mat to reach up in hyper extension. On the side kicks I also liked the visual of flexing that foot the other way towards Laura too this helped lengthen the tendon and I could feel my legs engaged even more.
Solana M
I loved this class, I also did it outside with you two! I really enjoyed the rowing series on the mat, its such a versatile exercise and I definitely feel it both on the mat and the reformer.
Coral S
I really enjoyed how well paced this class was, really got the whole body involved from the very beginning. I really liked the flying eagle here on the mat and found the opening of the chest here to be really nice.
Emma M
Really lovely class! Everything moved seamlessly from exercise to exercise. I enjoyed the clarity of each explanation. The use of flying eagle instead of swimming was a fresh change of pace I enjoyed. 
Lauren S
wonderful class! Everything flowed effortlessly and seamlessly. I loved the mentioning of not interlacing your fingers when doing the neck pull because Joe thought that that broke the blood flow. I also liked how you cued to sit tall out of the hips when performing this exercise, that really resonated with me to lengthen my spine. I also loved incorporating rowing on the mat!
Isabella G
This class had such a great pace and variety! I liked the switching from pointed/flexed feet during certain exercises as it's a good way to bring attention to every part of your body. The flying eagle exercise was a nice addition as well.
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