Super Spider Wall Workout<br>Alexandra Bohlinger<br>Class 4500

Super Spider Wall Workout
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4500

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Loved this class! I am already looking forward to Alexandra's Next Series. Class is not easy but it is worth taking... maybe 50 or 60 times:) My shoulder's have issues, so the hand weight section was probably the most therapeutic for me, but I really did love the whole class. Thanks again Alexandra:) 
Giulia C
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love love love!!!
all classes are amazing! thank you Alexandra!!! hope to have more classes soon!

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I loved how this class got more and more "interesting" - i.e. pushing the envelope, as it went along. Very satisfying. Not the handstands. That's why I'm valuing Pilates so much right now, to recover from a back injury doing those inversions in yoga What a nice class. And also I made Teaser status with this one... party!
Hi Gary M, thank you so very much for your uplifting comment! Ha “50-60 times” lovely yes 🙌 Let us know what you would like me to cover in a future class!? Stay well, healthy & moving! 
Giulia C Thank you 🙏 I’m really touched by your comment! Yes let’s meet again soon & let us know what you would like me to cover in future classes! Take care & Keep moving! 
Brian B thank you your comments have been so valuable! Well done you for scoring the teaser! 🤛💪
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yay, handstands!!  Fun!!
Keri Yes! I'm delighted you enjoy! 
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Brilliant!  I feel amazing.  Thank you so much.  
Florence P
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What a great class, I'm working with one of my student with the wall at this time and that could be the next step, I will do it again for sure. I'm not use to print the lower back so much against the wall but with the space between feet and wall I felt the connection to the upper psoas and so the length of the legs so that was interesting to consider-) Thank you!!!
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