Super Spider Wall Workout<br>Alexandra Bohlinger<br>Class 4500

Super Spider Wall Workout
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4500

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Julianna R Thank you it is a huge pleasure, well done! You have unleashed your superhero!  🦸‍♀️ 
Florence P well done I’m delighted to hear you have found some new connections and will share/pass on the love! Thanks for your valuable comment! 
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It was a wonderful class!!!! Loved loved loved
Elizabeth A
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Absolutely brilliant! One of my all time favourite classes on Pilates anytime
Alin Oh thanks for your sweet feedback! I'm delighted! xoxo
Elizabeth A Hi thank you for your uplifting feedback, I'm thrilled you made it your favourite at PA!! 
Cheryl Z
my go to class for the weekend loved the back bend and hand stands with pushups. i really need to work on getting hands under chest when feet were on the wall have a tendency to have my hands in front of shoulders. thank you for the challenge.
Cheryl Z
My go to class as a swimmer the rotator are challenging but every time I do this class I feel so aligned from head to toe. I saw the electric chair in the back would love a class on Pilates anytime.
Cheryl Z
I love how much my stretches strength has improved by doing this class. I stole your Banana side stretch but always say who I learned it from Alexandra Bohlinger Banana stretch everyone loves it especially after side plank
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