Strong and Stable Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4539

Strong and Stable Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 4539

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Awesome class! Thank you.
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Enjoyed it 🙏🏻🇩🇰
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Love this class!! Thank you!!
Great use of the overball.  Added to my favorites.  looking forward to more of your mat workouts.  Thanks! 
Wonderful class! Thank you Melissa! So many variations I've never done before. Challenging & lovely flow. 
Great challenging class. Full body workout. Well done
Melissa you are one of the most challenging teachers on PA! (and that's a compliment!).  This was a great class I am a fan of any class that uses the overball.  Keep 'em coming! Thank you!
Great class Melissa, thank you. I return to this class. I appreciate how your cueing and overall deliverance makes a challenging experience enjoyable and engaging. Time flies.
This class is a bit challenging for me but I loved it; cueing is great and make it easier to follow instructions; thank you
I absolutely loved this class! I normally feel awkward when working with the small ball, but everything flowed so nicely! Thank you so much!!
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