Root and Recover<br>Jason Williams<br>Class 4551

Root and Recover
Jason Williams
Class 4551

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Jason Williams
Dedre M glad you enjoyed the class.  Yes, the hip store a lot our grounding energy.  Looking forward to you taking the other classes.
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Thanks Jason this was just what the doctor ordered after a few days of illness. Gentle, restorative and I feel so much better for moving thank you! 
Jason Williams
Tash Chedgy glad you enjoyed it and you’re feeling better😃🙏🏾
Just what I needed today! Simply wonderful, thank you so much. I will do this again 🙏
This was amazing! Love the Reiki/Pilates combo. Thanks!
Einat R
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Please  ...more lessons, the combination pilatis mediations and reiki  perfect 
Kay S
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Great class! Love the yogaish style. Have been looking for this type of class for some time !
Jason Williams
Kay S so glad you enjoyed it 🙏🏾😃
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