Root and Recover
Jason Williams
Class 4551

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A gentle practice with great stretches. Thank you!
Thank you Lina!! 
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I loved this class and felt nice and stretched and relaxed after! 
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I enjoyed this class. Thank you for your affirmation of each of us different but the same. I am a long time practitioner but this class made me realize It is hard for me to relax my hips in any seated position unless I do a slight C curve. (Usually I just don't relax my hips and keep spine straight) Suggestions?
Kate A ~ You can try sitting on a pillow or cushion to lift your hips higher. This can help you keep your spine straight and relax your hips. I hope this helps!
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Great  class - love your gentle guidance
Kate J thank you so much!  Glad you felt good.
Karen R thank you for attending.  Glad you felt good.
Kate A yes, you can sit on a block or pillow.  Thank you Gia for the recommendations.
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That was what I needed tonight! I struggle with meditation and end up doing sleep meditations! This was great to have the breathing meditation, movement, and reiki meditation! Thank you. : ) 
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