Reformer Twist 1<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4552

Reformer Twist 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4552

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Renae K thank you so very much!  Let's keep moving together. Hugs:) 
Hi Stacey S,  Thank you for joining and I could not be more please to share the view(albeit virtually). I wish I could send the ocean air and fresh air to you as well!  hugs! 
Fantastic class and I am so jealous of the view, the sound of the waves, inspired!
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What a lovely flow!  the pace was amazing!  Definitely a do over
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Thank you Sarah - loved your class! Your seascape is invigorating. 
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Thanks for yet another wonderful class, Sarah. Simply scrumptious! Love all the rotation variations, especially skating. ❤️
Loving these classes - thanks so much Sarah!
Deborah B
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Loved, Loved, Loved this!  I missed last week - got to go do it too!!!  Thanks!
Caroline Close
Another great the rotations and back extension additions. Thanks Sarah : )
Nelly C
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Just what my body and rather more my mind needed, such a blessing of a class! Thank you Sarah :)
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