Reformer Twist 1<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4552

Reformer Twist 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4552

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Sarah, you are such a pleasure to follow! Espeically first thing in the morning, it just feels so good in the body and puts me in the right headspace.  Thank you!
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Sarah, thank you!  I was in a grouchy place this morning and your class turned my attitude right around.  It was just what I needed today.
Robin S
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another great class. thank you so much~ nothing to do with Pilates, but the sun reflected on your jacket so lovely and illuminated your beautiful face 
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What a pleasurable class!  Enjoyed every minute! Thank you very much, Sarah!!! I’m a bit jealous of your view!😉
Renae K
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Love love your class and the view.  Looks so lovely there!!
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I adore these classes! I haven’t seen the ocean in awhile (Thanks, Covid!) so getting the chance to see and hear it is incredible. Loved all of the twisting in this class. The variations were fabulous!
Hi Rachel R, Wonderful!  Thank you:)  I am really enjoying this new series and am so grateful to know there  is a whole group of people "out there"  playing with me.  Super cool.  And what a way to begin the week.  Take care. 
Terrip88* Wow! Helping you to be less grouchy...nothing compares. Thank you for letting me bring you up!!! Big hug and hope to see you soon.  
Robin S (blushing). Thank YOU for your sweet words.  It really is a treat to be outside...A little cold but lovely.  I really like that shiny red jacket.:) 
Hi Barbara L,  That view is priceless(and never ever gets old).  And being outside is a while new experience.  Just delightful.  I am enjoying every moment!! (wish I was there everyday) BUT glad to "share the view" with this series.  See you soon.  
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