Building Upper Body Strength<br>Katie Yip<br>Class 4562

Building Upper Body Strength
Katie Yip
Class 4562

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Thank you! Another awesome (sweaty) class. :D Looking forward to next week.  
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Pen S Keep it up Pen :)
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Thank you. Very much enjoyed the class. Felt the control. Looking forward to next week. 
Natasha R
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Wow! That was great!!! Looking forward to doing that again! Thanks Katie!!
Federica A
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Hi Katie Yip how much were the handweight? I had to bottles of water, 1 litre each (around 1 kg each), but felt I couldn't get wide enough movements with my arms...
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Nathan P It gets better every week :) Keep it up!
Natasha R Thank you for taking class!
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Federica A My hand weights were 1lb each - I will private message you regarding arm position!
Tess S
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great to see your good class with hand weights...please do more with weights! as you know the research shows to continually build muscle strength we need to use weight ... this force on the muscles creates more muscle and bone.  
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Great strength class! Katie Yip thank you!
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